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VirtualPay is an online third-party payment gateway started in 2010 under Blue Peak Digital Limited, a web development and graphic company. VirtualPay is used by both companies and individuals who are our merchants/vendors. Merchants use the platform to facilitate online payments via debit and credit cards. VirtualPay has web and mobile applications to facilitate these transactions and enable ease of use and access. The VirtualPay platform makes it convenient for Jamaican merchants to do business online and eliminates the hassle of setting up their online payment gateway elsewhere. VirtualPay is currently being used by existing Blue Peak customers who require a convenient payment method. It is also a service offered to any company (across industries) that operates a digital business and is interested in collecting payments online and, ultimately, improving its eCommerce capabilities. Merchants are given the ability to manage their virtual accounts via VirtualPay’s backend dashboard. VirtualPay is powered by Stripe and is also linked to PayPal and Zelle.


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Accept payments



On website

Within the VirtualPay web portal, merchants can make online payments directly to VirtualPay. The transaction is seamless and convenient to navigate.

By email

VirtualPay can send invoices to merchants via email, making communication quick and easy.

In person

Payments are also accepted in person at our office located on Red Hills Road. For merchants that find this option more suitable, VirtualPay can facilitate these transactions.

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VirtualPay web and mobile applications provide merchants with 24/7 access to an online dashboard that allows them to view their running balance, request payments from their clients, and make withdrawal requests. Merchants can use VirtualPay as a:

  • standalone service that they sign up for and conduct transactions via the platform; or
  • they can get an eCommerce integration plug-in for Word Press to enhance the features and functionalities of their website

Payment Requests

  • The merchant can request payment from clients via multiple options. This feature is part of our merchant-to-customer (M2C) or vendor-to-customer (V2C) interaction.
    *Customized Payment Link- in this payment request option, a customized link is generated and can be sent to anyone that wants to pay. No specific customer details are required. This makes it quick and convenient for anyone to make a payment to that merchant.
    *Generic Payment Link- this is a non-customized payment request option where a generic payment link is generated and can be sent to a specific individual. For this option, the name and email address of the customer must be captured. An email is then pushed to the specified customer.

Withdrawal Requests

  • Once customers make payments, vendors can make Withdrawal requests to VirtualPay. They are no limitations as to when to make these requests, and the processing of the same is handled promptly. The payout is either done via a wire transfer or cheque.



Mobile Application Payment

  • VirtualPay also provides a mobile application where merchants can access the same features to facilitate payment and withdrawal requests.

Shopping Cart Payment

  • VirtualPay provides a WordPress WooCommerce Plugin to facilitate website integration and shopping cart payments. This integration feature will work best for those merchants who want to improve their website and make it eCommerce-friendly.

Activity Management

  • Merchants can manage various payment activities. They can easily view the transactions, customers, fees, and other essential details about the payment entries.

Account Summary

  • Merchants can view their recent transactions, overall account balance, and value and make new payment requests.




    Makes it convenient to make payment requests


    Makes it easier to conduct business, specifically online transactions


    24/7 access to a backend dashboard to track transactions, make payments and withdrawal requests


    Merchants enjoy increased and faster access to standard solutions


    Operational cost reduction because of operational efficiency and better information flow


    Access support anytime – 24/7 access to the web portal is available whenever merchants need help


    Ability to influence support services- by submitting feedback, and requests for enhancements


    Payments can be collected in Jamaican or US currencies


    Powered by a world-class and reliable online payment platform, Stripe


    Safe and secure


    Merchants’ data is protected, and data privacy protocols are implemented


    Virtual Pay also applies the following security policies: 24/7 monitoring of online transactions; Data is backed up twice daily to online and offline locations; Fraud dedication software; 3D Secure and Verify by Visa


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Contact Numbers: 876-924-7153 (Office); 876-855-7751 (Mobile)

Address: Shop #8, 90b Red Hills Road, Kingston 19, St. Andrew, Jamaica

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Shop #8, 90b Red Hills Road, Kingston 19, St. Andrew, Jamaica
Office: 876-924-7153
Mobile: 876-855-7751


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